How can we ask the competent authority to decide, in accordance with Article 10, paragraph 3, paragraph c), of the double taxation agreement, that the payment of a given dividend be subject to a zero rate of withholding tax? 5.70 The “dependant” ATO is also linked to tax treaties and mutual agreement procedures (including pre-price agreements). These costs also apply to existing rules. The agreement reduces these costs. However, since these are agreements between the two countries, which reflect specific characteristics of bilateral relations, a certain degree of different treatment or wording between contracts that may require interpretation or declaration by the ATO is inevitable. 5.26 Both countries have specific policy objectives to achieve when updating the tax treaty and the end result is ultimately the compromises necessary to reach an agreement acceptable to both sides. Among the main changes to a new treaty are: “Although there is no mutual agreement as the last step of the Tiebreaker for individuals, the competent authorities continue to have the opportunity to discuss a procedure by mutual agreement under Article 25 (mutual agreement procedure) in individual dual-residence cases.” Double taxation agreements are bilateral agreements that remove tax barriers to cross-border trade and investment and prevent businesses from being taxed twice on the resulting revenues. They also provide greater certainty about how cross-border revenues are taxed, reduce compliance costs for businesses and reduce taxes on certain revenues. Tax treaties are formal bilateral agreements between two jurisdictions. Australia has tax agreements with more than 40 jurisdictions. 1.8 The applicable regulatory requirements must be defined by legislation, legal instruments, mandatory ngbus of a regulatory authority or similar regulatory requirements. Therefore, the agreement to create the DLC is not a relevant regulatory requirement for compliance with the definition.

4.37 Anyone wishing to apply this mutual agreement procedure must apply to the competent authority of his country of residence within three years of the first notification of transfer pricing adjustment. This procedure operates independently and in addition to the national remedies available to taxpayers. [Article 8, paragraph 1] 4.47 The Jersey Agreement also expires and expires if Jersey`s information exchange contract is terminated. In this case, the Jersey Agreement would be terminated on the first day of the month following the three-month expiry of the notice of termination of that agreement. [Article 11, paragraph 3] 2.180 It was intended that the competent authorities could agree that other scholarships constituted a recognized scholarship for the purposes of the agreement. [Article 3, paragraph 1 bis) ] (iii)] 2.380 Paragraph 6 provides that the decision binds Australia and New Zealand if a person directly involved in the case does not reject the arbitration decision on those issues. The competent authorities are obliged to apply this decision in the mutual agreement regarding the case. The results of the mutual agreement are transposed into the national legislation of the two states, without delay. [Article 25, paragraph 6] The DBA also applies to taxpayers from third countries, as the non-discrimination section applies to nationals of Australia or New Zealand. In addition, the mutual agreement procedure, information exchange articles and tax debt collection assistance articles apply when third countries are residents of tax territory that are nationals of Australia or New Zealand.