www.citrix.com/buy/licensing/agreements.html For many products and licensing models, the use of the license can be automatically recorded and monitored by a central license server. Centralized usage reports help your business make informed decisions and ensure your business has the licenses to facilitate non-over-the-end and seamless operations of end-users. The Citrix license offers simple language, flexible terms and transparent application of Citrix software to protect your legal and financial interests. This includes providing integrated licensing for our desktop, data center and network products for your business. Rest assured that we have the right virtual computing solution and licensing program for your business. The use of this component is subject to the Citrix license for the Citrix products with which you will use this component. This component is only allowed for the use of such Citrix products. 1.1. Licensing. Subject to your compliance with this Agreement and the licenses granted to it, we license cloud Services for evaluation purposes (“assessment software”) or, if applicable, for software specifically identified as alpha, beta, preversion, demonstration or preview software (only in the form of object code) or free software (“No-Software”) and its documentation for your internal activities in ability or other license management systems. Fast access services and software are probably in development and may never be published in general. With integrated management and a centralized license server that`s easy to manage and configure, Citrix provides consistent licensing management for many products. The “My Account” section provides easy access to all the tools and resources you need to manage your business with Citrix: Manage your licenses, download software and update your profile.

In addition, depending on your business needs, you can upgrade to a higher product release, try other Citrix products and more. All Citrix products and associated support and maintenance are subject to an end-user license agreement that comes with the products and is available online elsewhere. Citrix offers licensing programs tailored to the needs of commercial enterprises, educational institutions and authorities around the world. For business organizations, Citrix offers the Enterprise Licensing Agreement Program with all-inclusive discounts for selected products and services and exclusive offers for customers who can make early purchase commitments. The EASY licensing program is also available to customers with rather sporadic purchasing needs. El uso de este componente esté sujeto a la licencia de Citrix que cubre el producto o productos de Citrix con los que se usaré. Este componente cuenta con una licencia para su uso exclusivo con dichos productos de Citrix. Click on the PDF document to view or download and save a copy of the CLU. 使共使 ポ and ポ ポ 適 ポ and契 件 ポ and 件. 本コンポーネントは、当該使用製品と共に使用いただくためにのみライセンスを許諾されるものです。 1.2.