Today`s announcement could end all long-haul flights to the Malaysia Airlines brand, with emirates able to handle both routes to Europe and long-haul flights to North and South America for Malaysia Airlines customers. As the Malaysian airline tried to restructure, reduce its debt and reduce unprofitable routes on its network, Emirates could only be the airlines that save leniency – after all, they almost saved Qantas from European extinction. I know that Etihad (EY) and Malaysia Airline (MH) have a baggage interline agreement, but no passenger (which means Etihad can`t check you in for your HD flight, but can “mark” your bag on your CONNECTing FLIGHT HD)… Another factor in the losses was poor revenue management. MAS lags far behind its colleagues in terms of performance. Part of this gap was due to differences in the traffic mix[21] with fewer commercial transactions to and from Malaysia than to and from Singapore, but much of them were due to weaknesses in prices and revenue management, distribution and distribution, the presence of brands in foreign markets and the alliance base. In addition, at $0.41, MAS was one of the lowest labour costs per available seat-kilometre (ASK) compared to other airlines such as Cathay Pacific and Singapore Airlines, with $0.59 and $0.60, respectively. Despite low labour costs, the ratio of ASK`s revenue to these costs (2.8) was significantly lower than that of Singapore Airlines, where the ratio is 5.0, and slightly higher than that of Thai Airways[21] There are other factors listed in the Malaysia Airlines business turnaround published later, all of which resulted in a net loss of .RM 1.3 billion in 2005. In 2012, the company`s logo was filled with red and blue.

The new wau bulan faces from left to right, as it is in the original logo of 1971, and its tails have been enlarged. At first, the company opted for a blue Wau-Bulan, but since then it has brought it back to its red and blue shape. The verbal mark has also been modernized with a new handwriting and the word “airlines” is now presented in tiny. [79] In the same year, the airline also unveiled a new exclusive paint for its Airbus A380 fleet, to showcase the airline`s flagship airline. It features a blue Bave-Bulan on the tail and blue ribbon band on the hull and engines, the name of the airline is also all blue. [80] In 1971, MSA split into two airlines, each pursuing its own policies and objectives, which led to the creation of the Malaysian Airline System (MAS). The name was chosen because, in an abbreviated form, MAS (as in EMAS) means gold in Malay to symbolize quality service. A company logo based on the Wau-Bulan (lunar kite) was finally taken over in the following years. Mr Bellew said Malaysia Airlines was happy to work with all Gulf airlines and said they “do different things with us.” He added: “We are the Swiss airline. We get along with everyone. Malaysia Airlines attributes its history to Malayan Airways Limited, founded in Singapore in the 1930s and making its first commercial flight in 1947.

After the creation of Malaysia in 1963, it was renamed Malaysian Airways. In 1966, after the separation from Singapore, the airline was renamed Malaysia-Singapore Airlines (MSA) before its assets were split in 1972 to form two separate national airlines: Malaysian Airline System (MAS, renamed Malaysia Airlines) and Singapore Airlines. [4] From December 2020, Malaysia Airlines now flies to 59 destinations from Malaysia, Southeast Asia, China, North Asia, South Asia, Australia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom.