Please contact us at 0800 VARSITY (0800 827 748) to find out more about the UC admission procedure for students catching up Te Kura or Logan Park. For more information on their programs, visit the Te Kura Catch Up Flyer 2021 website and the Logan Park Summer School website. The Kaupapa-Maori Indigenous Methodology led to the analysis of the Maori and Pacific Authorization System (MAPAS) for 2008-2012. Several logistic regression models have been used to identify the predicted effect of admission variables on the final mapas recommendation of the best approach to success in the health study, i.e. “CertHSc” (Certificate in Health Sciences, Bridging/Foundation), `Bachelor` (Degree Level) or `Not FMHS` (Faculty of Medical Sciences and Health Sciences). Controlled regression analyses for the interview year, gender and ancestry. The data comes from UoA`s Mapas database and central Student Services Online (SSO) student data management system for all MAPAS candidates interviewed from 2008 to 2012. The study was granted ethical approval by the Human Participants Ethics Committee of the University of Auckland (ref. 8110). In accordance with ethical protocols guaranteeing student confidentiality, the raw data was combined from several data sets, duplicates were removed and the data of a scientific assistant was denied prior to the analysis. The University of Auckland strives to be a place where anyone with the potential to succeed here can do so. UTAS is one of the various admissions programs for eligible students, which may face barriers to access and higher education. For more information, see the university`s UTAS and UTAS guidelines.

The MAPAS approach to determining the best starting point for starting a health career may conflict with the institutional information provided to applicants on guaranteed participation in the program. The potential “mismatch” between FMHS program offerings and MAPAS recommendations reflects the difference in level of the two licensing procedures. Due to government funding caps imposed on New Zealand universities, enrolment criteria must retain some flexibility to ensure that sufficient numbers of students can enter (but not too many) [17,73]. The interview consists of an MMI, a math test to assess basic numeracy skills and an English test to assess basic reading and writing skills. Mathematics and English tests are characterized for two contexts: 1) basic study/transition (i.e.