Termination terms: provisions relating to early termination of the contract; (z.B.: “This Agreement may be terminated by both Parties, which are not known in writing to the other Party for less than six months” – “the Agreement may be terminated by any Party by written notice of at least six months in advance”; First of all, it should be emphasized that the agreement and the contract are not synonymous. While the agreement means “agreement” and even “contract”, the contract simply means “contract”. Contract must therefore be considered as a subset of agreements. In Anglo-American law, the contract is reduced to a “binding and binding contract (link) between the contracting parties”. Vuoi aggiungere una parola, una frase o una traduzione ? Duration of the contract: durata del contratto; dans alcuni casi possono essere indicate le modalità del rinnovo (ad esempio )`This agreement shall continue for a further year, unless [the other party] is notified otherwise before 31 July of each year` – `Questo accordo continueà per un altro anno, se non diversamente notificato [alla controparte] entro il 31 luglio di o anno`; “The object of the agreement must not be unlawful or contrary to public policy.” “A delivery contract worth €320 million over 10 years has been signed with the L.C Group. “The agreement must have been freely concluded. Consent may be compromised by coercion or undue influence” “The contract is an agreement between two or more parties to create, modify or erase legal relationships” Quando si parla di contratto preliminare e contratto definitivo, quest`ultimo viene chiamato “final agreement”. – are concluded by mutual agreement, Legal translation covers so many areas of human life (uncodified) that one cannot improvise overnight as a professional translator. In general, translation can assemble everything that is indefinitely punishable!!!. Dispute settlement: dispute settlement; It can be established, for example.B. that arbitration procedure or mediation (a.D.D.R.) can be applied in the event of a future dispute. o “alternative dispute resolution”; “This End User License Agreement (“Agreement” or “License”) is a legally valid agreement between you (“you” or “licensee”) and L.D.” LA TERMINOLOGIA DI BASE DEL LEGAL ENGLISH OF LAW DEFINITIONS AND INTERPRETATIONS OF THE CONTRACT: definizioni e Interprètes (se per esempio in una clausola contrattuale si fa riferimento ai giorni lavorativativ (working days), questi ultimi hanno il significato attributitogli dalla sezione 435 della legge fallimentare del 1986 (Article 435 the Insolvency Act 1986); “The parties must be able to enter into a contract.” Not applicable: privo di tutela giudiziaria; Non-azionabile.

limitation of liability: “any” limitation of liability (if considered lawful); Force Majeure: this clause should cover situations in which the performance of the contract is not possible because of one of the parties, but of “force majeure” (e.g. .B. in the event of a natural disaster or disturbances; `The contract must be concluded in free agreement between the parties.