8. WHAT WE DELIVER. The accommodation is fully furnished and has daily blankets, sheets, blankets, pillows, towels, fully equipped kitchen, washing machine and dryer. The property is made available each year at the beginning of the rental season, but we do not guarantee that all properties will remain in the apartment during your rental. Furniture, colors, accessories can be modified or enhanced from time to time without notification of images. 13. SECURITY DEPOSIT. The tenant acknowledges that he is making a separate cheque for $300.00 or $500.00 (depending on the property) to be withheld by the landlord in the form of a deposit. The tenant expects the cheque to be returned by mail after the tenant`s tenancy, provided there has been no damage during the tenant`s stay. This deposit is sent with the full payment of the rent and all the tenant`s expenses.

By approving these “TERMS AND CONDITIONS,” the tenant agrees to be financially liable for all excessive damages, thefts and cleaning, as well as legal fees incurred by the landlord as a result of disputes relating to the recovery of damages. Please contact the owner`s owner or representative if something is accidentally defective or something is missing so that it can be replaced as soon as possible. The deposit will not be refunded if the tenant violates the Pet Directive. The tenant is responsible for an additional cleaning fee to eliminate smoke odors when smoking is allowed in the apartment. Luxury apartment rental. Fully equipped kitchens. Affordable prices. You deserve a vacation. one. This agreement (including the documents mentioned above) constitutes the whole agreement between the parties and replaces all prior agreements, agreements or assurances of the parties, either in writing or orally, to the extent that they are somehow related to the purpose of this agreement.

This agreement can only be amended by an explicit written agreement signed by the landlord and tenant. 10. TENANT`S LIABILITY TO OWNER. In the event of damage (except normal wear, loss or theft of a property of the owner during the rental of the property tenant`s property, the tenant is reckless to the landlord for compensation for such damages, losses or thefts and will make this immediate payment. The new rentals and images were taken by phone on 28.08.2019. Business photos and a virtual tour will soon be updated to 12. RELEASE AND INNIFICATION. tenants fully discharged, and agrees to compensate and compensate the owner and the owner`s agents (Alabama Getaway LLC), representatives, directors, members, staff members, agents, officers and directors, losses, damages or expenses, including reasonable legal fees incurred by the owner or any of the aforementioned damages related to personal injury , property damage, property damage or theft or on behalf of the tenant, other occupants or guests of the tenant or a third party, person, company or company, as a result or in relation to the tenant or in relation to the tenant, have been collected or brought with other persons.

The landlord may not be responsible for the tenant`s (or other resident`s) valuable property, cash or personal property for the duration of the lease he left on the rented property.