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DUO Realis Cambiospin

DUO Realis Cambio Spin Welcome to a new blog post. The fish in holland are getting ready for spawning. Before the spawning period, I wanted to catch a few pikes….


S.W.A.T. Fishing Movie Arabic Emirates

S.W.A.T.  Fishing Movie In the holiday week of February, my parents booked a holiday in Dubai. After some research, it looked like it was a good place to fish! I…


DUO International 20 Jahre

DUO International In diesem Video erhaltet ihr einen kleinen Eindruck darüber, was alles hinter den Kulissen während der Entstehung eines High End Hardbaits von DUO International passiert. 20 Jahre DUO…

Tests & Reviews Video

Major Craft Speedstyle SSC-66M

Major Craft Speedstyle SSC-66M In diesem Video bekommt ihr einige Eindrücke zur Major Craft Speedstyle SSC-66M. The Major Craft Speedstyle is a rod wich I used since April 2016. This rod comes…