DUO Realis Crank M62 5A

The Realis Crank is a section of hardbaits from the Japanese brand DUO. This floating crankbait is available in 5 different sizes. I fish the most with the 62mm.It weighs arround 14,3 grams. It depends on your choice of line but normally it will dive to a maxium depth of 2,5 meters. 14,3 gram is a perfect weight to cast on a light to medium baitcast set-up. Like the Major Craft SSC66M.


Due to the AWS (Advanced Weight System) in the lure it will cast a mile. Because in the front of the lure there is a tiny magnet which holds a bullet. When you cast the lure, the bullet will fly to the back. So that’s the heaviest point and the lure will have more stability in the air, and will be more aerodynamic even with strong wind. When it lands on the water the bullet will go to the front and the magnet holds it in place. Due to this system the Realis Crank has an unique wobble action. Which will catch you lots of nice fish!


I fish this lure on this setup: I use a Major Craft Speedstyle Medium action with a casting weight up to 21 gram. In Holland I use braided mainline like Varivas Avani Seabass. But I prever Fluorocarbon because it has a low visibility in clear water. The fish runs quick to its maximum depth if you use the right setup so you can fish longer in the „strike-zone“ this will deliver you more fish.

The Realis Crank has amazing quality treble hooks they are really strong. The treble hooks also stay sharp even if you fish them arround rocks and brush piles.


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