While not all third-party companies that sell extended warranties are fraudulent, there are several warning signs that could be fraudulent. These terms and conditions and the documents mentioned in them tell you the basis on which we provide our goods (“goods”) and our services (“Services”). Please read these conditions carefully before ordering goods or services from us. By ordering one of the goods or services, you accept these conditions. A car service contract is one of the most important products a customer can buy. They are a great source of income for all car dealers. If you buy an extended warranty, place a bet. Your bet is that your car will eventually require more repairs than the cost of the warranty. The guarantor also places a bet.

The guarantor`s bet is that your car doesn`t need more repairs than the cost of the warranty. One of you will win the bet, and given the number of extended warranty providers, it seems that the odds are not in your favor. However, note that the price of an expanded warranty can be negotiated in most periods. When I bought, I was offered an extended warranty. Said the salesmen that if it is rodent damage, I was buying it `cuz we live on a farm and my last vehicle was damaged. Rep said, “Yes, it would be covered.” So today my truck engine light came in and called me and said it was covered. But when I go to the dealership to get repairs said not covered. How I`m going to get a refund.

– The warranty companies have not activated the contract that brings the customer to the position he paid for services that do not exist between September and November 2019. It`s proven and documented. The guarantee company received payments for the contract it had not activated. The sale of non-existent services is illegal. It did not exist because the client, if he had filed an application, would have been rejected because the data set did not contain any information about the debiteur because it had not been voluntarily activated. First Extended Service is an automobile warranty company with four different vehicle service options. If your car needs to be repaired for a component covered by your warranty, First Extended Service will pay for the repair minus a deductible.