I was invited for the next federal scholarship test, which is scheduled for my master`s degree on 19.02.2020, but the problem is that I have not gotten admission to these universities abroad, I do not know what to do, please, I need your help. Is it possible to write the test without permission? Thank you for your time and response. A high-level ministerial delegation undertakes a review exercise to monitor academic progress, welfare records and accounts of BEA fellows in some countries, particularly where our scientists have unresolved problems related to their scholarship awards. During these visits, the necessary advice and assistance will be provided accordingly. Consultations are under way with relevant partners in the countries visited and all important documents aimed at improving the process of implementing scholarships in Nigeria will also be requested. Please, I would like to be informed at the expiry of the 2020/2021 scholarship form. Send me an e-mail to Hello everyone. someone can help me, here.i got admission to study in Ukraine this year. I`ve got all the B`s in my waec. But I didn`t apply for the Bea scholarship on time.,Is it possible that I am travelling with loans and coming back next year to apply? But by then, I`ll be in my second year, so I don`t know if I could still apply and get the scholarship. Or is it better for me to wait until next year and apply again? Wait for your answer. my email is [email protected] please send me a message pls.. Thank you Visit the scholarship site for details and here too, I need an offer to host a school in these countries before applying for this scholarship? I am Mr.

Bright Shedrack Orishe Nigeria by Imo State nationality Oguta L.G.A. i get admission to the University of Friendship of Russia as oil and gas engineering in 2011, but I am looking for a federal school ship to allow me to manage my studies so please I need information on how my documents submit, I deserve my 0-level with a good result, so I can apply 4 to the school management this my email [email protected] and contactmy `22174851766. “Fill out the application form online, print out the completed form and bring it in addition to 2.0above;v) all applicants for a Russian postgraduate scholarship must have obtained their first degree in Russia; (vi) All applicants to download their certificates online;viii) The duration of the Serbian licence is eight (8) years of general courses and nine (9) years for medical and postgraduate studies, 3 to 4 years for msc and 5 to 6 years for PhD.