S.W.A.T.  Fishing Movie

In the holiday week of February, my parents booked a holiday in Dubai. After some research, it looked like it was a good place to fish! I brought some small lures with me in the Tetra Works series and some other lures. At the first day that we arrived, I planned to go to a tackle shop as soon as possible. When I asked if I could fish here the people said no because fishing is only allowed if you are a resident of Dubai unless you booked a charter and fish with a guide. That was a big disappointment. The next day Christian told me that he contacted Sultan from Titanic International Marine (distributor of DUO) for me. Sultan called me and I was going the next day to fish with him!

The next morning we arrived early at the harbor of Ajman. After we load the boat and started the Mercury engine’s we were ready to go fishing! We arrived at the first spot near a big oil platform in the sea. We started jigging for fish! After we landed a few nice fish we started to getting fewer bites. We moved to another spot near the new Palm Beach that was far from finished. We saw fish hunting on the surface for small sardines. I started throwing the new Spearhead Ryuki 80SW and caught a fish immediately. We started a competition who catches the most trevally’s so I downsized to a Ryuki 60S and I won! I hope you enjoy the small video above this post that I made of this trip.


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