The seller guarantees that the buyer has the opportunity to obtain the condition and health of the horse from a veterinarian of his choice (on site with the seller) at the buyer`s expense. Where the purchaser has the horse examined by an approved veterinarian as referred to in the paragraph, such veterinary examination shall be attached to this Agreement. _________ the fee of $______ The horse in question is kept at 4G Quarter Horses until it is fully paid. The horse in question is taken care of as best as possible and images are delivered regularly until it is recovered in order to improve the condition of the horse on the way. If this horse is injured during the maintenance of 4G Quarter Horses, the buyer and seller will split all veterinary expenses 50/50 and all veterinary receipts/documents will be made available to the buyer with images. If the horse were to die before pickup by the buyer, all money paid before this date will be used within a maximum period of 2 years for the purchase of another foal at 4G Quarter Horses or refunded to the buyer. Thank you for choosing 4G Quarter Horses. Here`s a convenient way to post a deposit to your next horse. For all deposits, a full sales contract must be signed and returned to 4G Quarter Horses. This contract can be sent by e-mail or by post. The contract is for the view below. Please contact us at any time.

(940) 390-6044 (deposits can be made at the end of the page) 4G Quarter Horse Weaning Sales Contract ONLY __ If the horse is not fully paid and recovered until 31 December 20__ the contract expires. The horse in question is put back on sale and no money is returned to the buyer. The seller does not take any other explicit or implied warranties. The seller guarantees that there will be a clear title on that horse and will do their best to take care of that horse until the buyer has picked up the horse. Colt ________ Filly ______ The seller agrees to present a negative coggins and a health certificate (if the horse has to travel from the State of Texas) for the pickup date. If the buyer is unable to perform the contract, the sale is cancelled and all payments previously made are cancelled. After confirmation of full payment, the seller undertakes to immediately execute all necessary papers and take all necessary measures to transfer ownership and registration of the horse to the buyer without the buyer being free of charge for this….