Major Craft Benkei BIS-682ML

The Benkei is a all-round series of rods which performs almost every style of fishing. I use two different models of the Major Craft Benkei Series. One of them is the BIS-682ML. The 682ML is a 2 piece spinning rod with a length of 203cm. The rod weighs only 89 grams. With a casting weight up to 10 grams makes this the perfect finesse rod for fishing with light lures from a boat.



With the regular fast action in combination with the Fuji® K-guides you can cast light lures also really far and can hook every fish good. I use this rod for hardbaits like the DUO Realis Shad 59MR. Because the Benkei is so sensitive it is also perfect for fishing with softbaits If you want to fish heavier or with a baitcaster there are enough rods to choose from. I use the BIC-66MH for crankbaits and texas rigs. All the handle seats and grip are from Fuji® and quality EVA foam so you got grip in every situation. During fishing I caught a lot of pikes. This is where the back bone of the rod became very good. You got a lot of power so you can land also bigger pikes or zander.


When you fish above grass the fish will sometimes swim itself in it and will get stuck. With a stronger rod and braid you can get it out and land it. The 66MH is as you can read a diverse baitcasting rod for all styles of fishing. With a length of 198cm you can fish from the bank and out of a boat. This rods suits also for vertical fishing with jigheads due to the action. And with a light weight of 122 grams you can fish all day long with it. And with the beautiful black finish you will fall in love with this power rod!


In my opinion this is a great rod with a beautiful layout for the price/quality you get – A hero such as will never be seen again


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