Schools are now allowed to take over teachers` schedules and allowances that do not exactly match the union`s prior agreement. This agreement was almost impossible for many schools to meet. SCOTUS said the opt-out was the first change. Many will complain if they are targeted and discriminated against. In short, I unsubscribed and my Princiapl has already given me permission to stay at home without the accommodation, so ridiculous. Apparently, I have a full remote schedule. At the end of the day, it`s a sinking ship. The city and the state are broke. I wouldn`t expect a salary increase or teacher choice for 5 years in the next contract. I expect to pay more for medicine, as I have from my own pocket. But contributions will continue to rise. Students can`t read or write, but we have the highest grades ever. I would find another career if I wasn`t about to resume or retire.

Does this mean that if you are 6-12 and we don`t have students until Thursday, can we stay home next week without the principal`s permission? Also, I think they would need the remote teachers to cover once the school is in session. Previously, any teacher who did not receive a specific coronavirus waiver had to be present at the school every day, even if they were providing distance learning without children present. Marilyn Ramirez, a chapter principal and teacher at the special bilingual school at Washington Heights High School of Media Communications, said Friday that her colleagues` group chat „started“ with happy texts about the new deal — especially the ability to work from home when students are also at home. Overall, she felt the agreement was an indication that city officials were „listening now.“ The deal also prioritizes remote positions for educators who live with family members who are at higher risk of coronavirus complications. This was a big concern among some teachers who were worried about the transmission of the coronavirus to relatives in danger. ● Teacher programs that do not comply with the DOE-UFT agreement on class schedules and sizes must be changed, unless the school chapter agrees with the curriculum as agreed by a school-based option (SBO). In some cases, the UFT Superintendent and District Representative or District Representative and Executive Superintendent can assist principals and chapter heads in finding common ground on these issues.